Four computers are available to the group members. These computers are located at the Ibn-Sina Lab, and Their hardware specifications can be seen in these images.

If you want to get a user at any of the computers, please email or

A complete tutorial of how to use the computers is the following video. If you were absent in the session, please watch it completely. Its split parts are followed after for anyone who needs a review.

Introduction and connecting to SBU VPN

VPN Type: l2tp
VPN server:
Pre-Shared Key: SBU

ssh to a remote computer

Copy files to remote system, execute, and permissions

tmux, htop, and ranger

HostNames, SSH-Keys, and Vim editor

specification of the computers, how to arrange tmux layout

X11 Forwarding

Remote Jupyter Notebook and VS Code over SSH

Using Microsoft Windows and copy files from remote to local

Internet Connection, SBU Hotspot