Structure of cosmic web in non-linear regime:
the nearest neighbor and spherical contact distributions

Mohammad Ansarifard
Department of Physics,
Sharif University of Technology

Sunday, 12 September 2021, 16:00 IRDT

In cosmology, it’s common to use the two point
correlation function, to explore statistics. However in
deeply non-linear regimes of the cosmic web, the
statistics is not Gaussian. As a result, the two-point
correlation function doesn’t probe all the information.
We can make new quantities to reach more information
from non-linear regimes. The Spherical contact and
Nearest neighbor distributions are two example of such
functions. In this talk I’m going to speak about
advantage of these two functions and our new work MA (2021) (2106.13216). The most important point for
our talk is that these functions are influenced by higher
order correlation functions. So they can be used as
statistics together with the two point correlation

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